Upon your arrival at Royalty Lash Bar, we welcome you with a brief consultation from one of our expert lash stylist to discuss the look you desire. Our celebrity lash stylist will advise the best lash type: fullness, curl, and style to create your desired appearance. No two lash sets are the same, all exclusive!!! Everything from natural beauty to super star glam, Royalty Lash Bar eyelash extensions will enhance your beauty.


The number of lashes per eye determines how full your lashes will be. Fullness determines how dramatic your lashes will look. Note: An average person has about 100 to 200 eyelashes per eye, though some people can have many more. If you are still unsure of what option is best for you the GOLD is the standard full set.



We welcome re-lash service if you are a new client coming from another salon with eyelash extensions on. Book our new client re-lash, this service includes 45 lashes per eye, prices are subject to change based on lash application requirement.


Cruelty-Free. Authentic Mink Eyelash Extensions are gathered by gently brushing the tail of the animal and hand selecting the hairs to use as extensions. They are then sterilized and hypo-allergenic. No chemicals or dyes are used. They are extremely light weight and this creates a soft and feathery look. Not a good option for people who want their lashes to look full.



 Eyelash Extensions Long Island NY, available by Royalty Lash Bar, providing expert lash extensions choose from one of our Silver, Gold or Platinum sets today!  Come enhance your beauty.