The Glam Natural, for the client who wants a sexy noticeable look without mascara. 60-80 individual lashes per eye are applied to each eye, developing a defined sharp more youthful appearance, uplifting the eyes.

(60 pieces)    $175 /$100 limited time offer!
2 week refill   $65
4 week refill   $85


Our volumizing pumps up your look, ideal for the client that wants a step up from natural without going all out. 80-90 individual lashes per eye are applied throughout the lash line creating a look resembling 3 coats of mascara.

(80 pieces)   $200/$150 limited time offer!
2 week refill   $75
4 week refill  $100


Maximizes volume using a lash-to-lash application. Every single natural lash is enhanced to create a true organic appearance. Want to add volume to your lashes that draw a crowd? Our Platinum set reflect a dramatic Mascaraed look, with out the use of Mascaras. For this set we apply anywhere between 100-120 lashes. Always determined by the availability of your natural lashes.

(100 pieces) $275/$200 limited time offer!
2 week refill  $85
4 week refill  $125


3D Eyelash Extension Set

Our Volume/3D eyelash extension application technique was developed in Russia and our lash salon is on the cutting edge in eyelash extension services. By using several very fine, almost weightless, micro-thin lashes per eyelash our professional lash technicians create a very full, yet light and fluffy 3D appearance. We can apply eyelash effects from natural looking to super glam.

3D/Russian/Volume Eyelashes – Set

$325.00/$275 limited time offer!



 Keratin Eyelash Lifting

 Amazing alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities. Low maintenance lash solution lasting up to 10 weeks.  Perfect for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift!  You will look more awake and  youthful!  Add a tint to make it really pop!



 Eyelash Tinting

Tinting the eyelashes is a quick and easy solution for those who depend on mascara to darken lightly-colored lashes. This treatment is perfect for men and women with blonde, reddish or light brown hair that want more clearly defined features.  Whether you want to wake up in the morning with your “eyes on” or forget about waterproof mascara during the summer time, you’ll be thrilled with the results of eyelash tinting.


Eyebrow Tinting

Dye your eyebrows to create greater definition and lessen the need for products such as eyebrow mascara and eyebrow pencil.


Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting Package

Combine these tinting services and walk out of Royalty Lash Bar with beautifully defined facial features and fantastic savings. Define your eyebrows & eyelashes to create greater definition and lessen the need for products such as eyebrow mascara and eyebrow pencil.



Eyelash Extensions Long Island NY, available by Royalty Lash Bar, providing expert lash extensions choose from one of our Silver, Gold or Platinum sets today!  Come extend your beauty.