Eyebrow Queen Wax

Eyebrow Queen waxologists work with you to decide which brow shape works best for your face shape and personal style

30 min / $25.00

Lip Wax

We moustache you a question: While you’re here getting your eyebrows sculpted, would you like to get your lip waxed, too?

15 min / $15.00

 Bikini Wax

Royal but still modern? This wax includes just inside of where a regular bikini sits to keep you tidy.

15 min / $35.00

 Brazilian Wax

Bare your beauty. This increasingly popular wax includes complete under carriage with your choice of hair or bare on top..

30 min / $55.00

 Back Wax

 We’ve got your back! Or more specifically, we’ve got you from shoulder to shoulder, starting below the neck and going to just above the glutes.

30 min / $55.00

 Chest Wax

 We call this a chest wax, but our certified speed estheticians take care of it all – from the neck to just below where your pant line rests.

30 min / $55.00

 Leg Wax

 You may never pick up a razor again.  Hips to toe tips, enjoy silky stems for weeks at a time with a full leg wax.

45 min / $65.00