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Lash Extensions on Long Island, NY

The Three Main Types of Eyelash Extensions

If you’re new to lash extensions, you may be wondering which type is the best fit for you. There’s plenty of talk about thickness, length, and especially material, which matters most when you’re aiming for a particular look. Thankfully, lash extensions in Long Island at Royalty Lash Bar can be broken down to three easy-to-understand categories.

Mink: The most premium of all three types of lashes, mink is one of the most highly sought-after materials in the world when it comes to cosmetics. The fur of the mink is lustrous and imitates the look and feel of real human lashes very closely. However, if you’re allergic to animal fur, you might want to steer clear–mink can trigger reactions.

Silk: When you think of silk, you likely think of a sleek scarf or dress. But silk lash extensions aren’t nearly as heavy, though they aren’t as lightweight as other types of lashes. They’re extremely soft, and like real lashes, they’re thicker at the bottom and grow narrower toward the tip.

Synthetic: Synthetic lashes are exactly what they sound like: synthetic extensions made from acrylic materials. Because they’re made from acrylic, they can be a little shiny and somewhat firm in appearance, though this is a plus for many people; you can choose from many different levels of curl to get the exact look you’re after.

To find out more about the different types of lash extensions in Long Island, contact our team at Royalty Lash Bar. We’re happy to answer your questions in detail.

Eyelash Extension Training in Long Island, NY

Eyelash Extension Training in Long Island, NY, for Certification

Register for eyelash extension training in Long Island. The Royalty Lash Bar Training Academy offers certified classes in semi-permanent lash extensions. If you are someone who prefers to learn in an individualized setting, we can arrange a private training class for you. The One-on-One VIP training course allows you to create your own schedule with no increase in cost. This course is designed for potential students that work or already attend school and have a difficult schedule. If you have a small group or salon, we can arrange training classes at your location or at our beautiful, 1,500-sq.-ft. salon in Huntington, NY. Custom Training courses are all available Two-Day Advanced, One-Day Mega and Volume as well as Keratin Last Lift classes. All of our instructors are licensed by the State of New York to teach.

More and more women are enhancing their natural beauty with lash extensions. It’s practically required for weddings, proms, and holiday parties, but more and more ladies are interested in semi-permanent lashes as part of their everyday look. With growing demand, you can profit from this trend with eyelash extension training in Long Island, NY. Add this to the beauty treatments you already provide your clients or start a whole new business just focusing on lashes.

There are health, safety, and quality standards required by state law do this type of work. It’s not a business the State of New York allows people to operate without meeting a number of stiff requirements. The best way to learn and receive proof of your proficiency is with schooling from an academy that certifies students to perform this specialty beauty service. First, look at taking the basic course and after you’ve mastered this, follow up with advanced courses as the volume is huge in this business. The masterclasses give you all of the tips and tricks you need to give your clients full and flirty lashes. With the completion of your eyelash extension training at Royalty Lash Bar in Long Island, you can profit from this new and lasting trend.