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  • 4 Tips to Prepare for Your First Eyelash Extension Appointment!

    Who doesn’t want to get those fluffy and thick lashes? Well, everyone does! But unfortunately, not every one of us is born with dramatic and thick ones! So, the good news is you can now get stunning thick lashes you have always dreamed of with lash extension. Eyelash extensions are the best way to enhance the beauty of your natural lashes.

    So, have you finally booked an appointment for your first eyelash extensions? If yes, you must know some tips to prepare for your appointment. Here are our top tips for the first session you must explore.

    Eyelash Extension

    How to Prepare for First Eyelash Extension Appointment?

    Here are some tips to keep in mind to prepare for your lash extension appointment. So, read on to learn more.

    1. Read Your Confirmation Email Properly

    Most lash artists send you confirmation text the day before your eyelash extension appointment to ensure that you are still attending.

    So, if you need to change anything about your lash extension appointment, do not hesitate to let your artist know. Also, double-check the arrival time mentioned in your confirmation text.

    2. No Coffee Before Your Appointment!

    So, this might surprise you, but caffeine actually makes your eyelash extension appointment less enjoyable. Coffee keeps you awake and does not allow you to relax, making your lashes flutter. And this means that your lash artist will need to try hard to apply the extensions. And it may result in a less-than-perfect result. So, keep the lattes for later, ladies! Also, if you want the latest updates, follow us on Facebook.

    3. Don’t Wear Strip Lashes While Coming to the Salon!

    Some people believe that wearing strip lashes or false lashes is the best way to show their stylist their preference. But it actually makes your stylist’s job more difficult!

    Strip lash glue sticks to your baby lashes. And it is very tough to remove. Your stylist needs to remove the glue to start the lash application process. So, it is always better to come to your appointment with a clean face.

    4. Come In a Little Early

    We all have plenty of responsibilities and lead busy lives, which is why eyelash extensions are our beauty heroes. If you can, you should come at least five to ten minutes before your appointment is scheduled. This way, you can relax and get comfortable in your surroundings. Want some more tips? Don’t forget to follow our Twitter page!

    Wrapping Up!

    If you follow the simple tips mentioned above, you can get the most stress-free beauty experience ever. For more updates, follow us on Instagram.