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  • All you need to know about the online esthetician course before enrolling

    Because of the hands-on nature of the training, most beauty schools, technical schools, and community colleges exclusively offer on-campus diploma, certificate, and associate's degree programs in esthetics. As a result, online esthetician courses are uncommon. Some esthetics schools, on the other hand, mix traditional study with online esthetician training. Specific esthetician programs include courses on the physiology and anatomy of the human skin, business, law, sanitation, salon management, and communications, provided online.

    Individuals in online esthetician courses can finish the curriculum virtually, which might be advantageous for some students. Online esthetician courses allow students to study from the comfort of their own homes and work around their hectic schedules, which may include full-time employment and family obligations.

    Esthetician: What is it 

    An esthetician is a skin specialist who evaluates cosmetic concerns (such as wrinkles, pigmentation, or blemishes) and administers treatments to improve the state of the skin. Most estheticians provide skin treatments such as facials, superficial chemical peels, body treatments, skin conditioning, and blemish removal, but they may also wax, lash extensions, and makeovers.

    Unlike certified cosmetologists, estheticians can also do sophisticated treatments such as pore cleansing, extractions, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser therapy, and hair removal. Clients may also be educated on goods, skincare regimen, and the advantages of esthetic procedures.

    Medical estheticians Working with cancer patients or burn victims after surgical treatments, for example, may help people detect and recover from skin health issues.

    Estheticians are highly competent, in-demand skincare specialists, which is why an esthetics degree requires 600 hours of hands-on instruction. To be licensed, you must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the skin and the technology used in advanced treatments such as lasers, LED lights, oxygen, or ultrasonic waves. Remember that curriculum requirements vary by state, but most states require at least 600 hours of training to obtain a license in the subject.

    Aside from schooling, estheticians should exude a professional and welcoming approach that inspires trust in their clientele. A professional esthetician must have the ability to listen and empathize with their clients' desires and problems, often adapting therapy to them.


    The Curriculum 

    The certificate program's coursework includes an introduction to cosmetology and skincare, science, and salon administration. College esthetics programs teach skin problems, skin science, sanitation, face treatments, skin nutrition, and esthetician theory and practice. Botox, chemical peels, micro sclerotherapy, and dermal fillers are all included in advanced training.

    Unless a student decides to pursue esthetics training purely, classes may be part of a cosmetology program. Many estheticians take cosmetology classes to round out their education and improve their marketability. Some estheticians go on to work as make-up artists, while others work in paramedical esthetics.

    Esthetician Courses Online

    The following topics are frequently addressed in esthetician certificate and diploma programs.

    Medical Terminology

    Examine medical terms and definitions for words and phrases regularly used in all sections of the medical sector for medical transcription.

    Make-up application and color theory

    Examine foundation and eye make-up application techniques, as well as application equipment and skin tones.

    Skincare and therapy

    Skin physiology and problems and skin products and applications will be covered in this online course.

    Introduction to Therapeutic Massage

    Learn about the goals and concepts of massage treatment and the numerous massage methods and techniques.

    Cosmetic Chemistry 

    Learn about skin biology, cell physiology, emulsions, and skincare products.

    Skin analysis and massage

    This course can cover exfoliation, face massage methods, facial mask applications, and face cleansing techniques.

    Nail Care

    Learn the fundamentals of manicures and pedicures and nail structures, nail diseases and disorders, cuticle treatments, and broken nail healing.

    Online Certification Program

    Nursing institutions and online universities provide certificate programs in esthetics that educate the anatomy and physiology of the skin, wound assessment, and wound therapy. Programs are typically six weeks long. Nursing practitioners who need to retain their professional licensing may use the curriculum as continuing education credit. Although esthetician certification can be obtained online, practical training and assessment must be done in person.

    Advanced esthetics training for medical professionals focuses on the use of lasers for cosmetic skin surgery. Students become acquainted with many types of lasers and their uses. Training in mesotherapy or cellulite removal can be done. Workshops in pain management and dermatological procedures are available.

    Getting an Esthetician License or Certification Online

    Each state has its licensing standards for estheticians, including coursework, training hours, and passing a state exam. Following completion of these criteria, the candidate may apply for licensing. However, online esthetician training is not entirely possible. Because the training and exam hours must be completed in person, completing the esthetician certification online is not an option.

    A high school certificate or GED, being at least 16 years old, and graduating from an approved state-licensed school with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in each course are usually required for licensure. The licensure exam typically includes a written exam, an oral exam, and a skills assessment test. Continuing education classes are frequently necessary for license renewal.

    Although some aspects of esthetician education can be completed online, the entire esthetician license procedure cannot be completed online.

    Benefits of Online Training for Estheticians

    Various Learning Methods

    In traditional school environments, students often learn through lectures and the application of what they have learned. Online schools provide access to discussion groups, forums, eBooks, movies, and webinars. All of these tactics offer both variety and reinforcement for what you learn. You might also invest more time and effort in the format that looks to be the most effective for you.


    Because online esthetician schools have far lesser overhead than physical schools, they may provide training at a lower cost than traditional ones. You may also use eBooks instead of conventional textbooks, which saves you a lot of money. These also take up significantly less room, and students may access them from anywhere. Some schools also allow you to take the classes you want. This may let you take as many lessons as you can afford.

    Attend Classes at Your Leisure

    Traditional school time constraints are no longer a problem because the online curriculum includes videos, mandatory reading, and even webinars. You have the freedom to work at your own pace, even if some techniques or concepts take longer to learn than others. Students can access the lessons and coursework at any day or night because they are entirely online. This is especially handy for students who work during the day or must be somewhere else during regular business hours. On-site training is required for laser schools, on the other hand.


    Practical Application of Skills Learned

    It seems counterintuitive to acquire a hands-on trade like esthetician training online. Of course, an esthetician's day-to-day employment includes applying products to clients' skin and interacting with those clients.

    Online esthetician schools acknowledge that this may be a worry for some students. However, colleges have considered this. In many circumstances, students might present portfolios to demonstrate their understanding of specific ideas and practices. To obtain a license, most schools and boards of cosmetology need both practical and online training.

    Royalty Lash Esthetic Academy

    Kieu, founder of the Royalty Lash Bar created the Royalty Lash Esthetic Academy® to give women the tools they needed to establish their own companies. Only one program on Long Island has been certified by the New York State Department of Education and the State of New York to provide certification and training. Royalty Lash Esthetic Academy's eyelash extension training seeks to empower women and lay the groundwork for a successful career in a high-end lash application.


    Training Offered

    • One on one classic lash extension certification training

    • Two-day classic lash extension certification training 

    • One day advance volume lash extension certification training

    • Master volume course

    • Traditional lash extension refresher course 

    • Lash lift and brow lamination training course

    The Take-away

    Estheticians are never done learning. While some states require estheticians to take continuing education courses to retain their licenses, others prefer to bring programs to provide a broader range of services. Master estheticians are among the most highly skilled specialists in the business. And to start your esthetician journey, you will need a place to start, and the Royalty Lash Bar might be the place for you. All it takes is to pick up your phone and book an appointment, and the Royalty Lash Bar will be right there for you.