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    You have been far convinced that the lovely magical effect of eyelash extension is unachievable with mascara-no matter how thick or voluminous the application is. False party eyelashes are not also of your interest.

    Hence, you have decided to enhance your beauty with thick, fluttery and perfectly curled eyelash extension. But you feel like you don’t have the sufficient knowledge about eyelash extension price. Your ambivalence also extends what to buy and where to get it done?

    If it was then-No more now!

    From products to the appointment, we have got you all covered here.

    How much does eyelash extension cost?

    For a better understanding, let's divide semi-permanent eyelash extension cost into two categories; the cost o flash extension itself and the eyelash extension service charges.

    The price of lash extension varies from provider to provider, type to type and quality to quality. The providers can be different eyelash extension manufacture companies whose rate differs from each other based on their particular set of frameworks; it also depends on their market approach as international brands have higher prices than local brands.

     Similarly, different types of extensions need a particular additional amount of your dollars to make it to your cart. For example, the money necessary for faux mink eyelashes won't help you buy the silk lash extension. Stressing more on the types- they are categorized based on the material used like animal and polyester or acrylic fibers and other specific needs like volume, curl thickness, and length.

    Natural eyelash extensions are usually quite expensive than man-made as they are derived from original hair of animals (ex; Siberian mink and sable) than those manufactured from polyester or acrylic fibers. Synthetic lash extensions prove to be the best affordable option.

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    You would be already familiar with how quality impacts the product's price as it speaks all about its cost. It is not always but most often, the low prices of a product compensate for its inferior quality. This is also true that expensive products are also not still necessarily right. So make sure about the quality before you are tempted to buy one for you.

    When it comes to eyelash extension service charges, it fluctuates as you inquire from one technician to others, or move from one salon to the next.

    Here, don't be disguised by the high or low charging technician if they do not have the eyelash extension certification. You would be paying him for his expertise that would be evident through his certificate and previous reviews. Make sure to check them before making an appointment, and this is also often one the determining factors of their rates. Different salons have different eyelash extension price list.

    Besides the cost of eyelash extension application, you would also have to spend money on getting them refilled after every 1-2 weeks. These refills are crucial to make your lashes lash long and appear glamorous throughout its period.

    It is a rough idea that a full set of lash extensions application would cost you around $100-300 while the eyelash extension refill expense is about $50-150.

    All in all, Eyelash extensions are indeed an expensive obsession. Still, the convenience of waking up with instantly beautiful extensions and the magical transformation brought to the face makes it easy to bite the financial bullet.

    This is the general guide about the cost of eyelash extension.

    But if these question: what to buy and where to get the eyelash extension application done, are bothering you, bring them to rest as we have a recommendation here; Royalty Lash Bar.  It has got all the best services in one place from shopping solution to a professional booking and to even certified training courses.

    What is Royalty Lash Bar?

    It is a long island’s premier lash extension studio located in Huntington, New York.  In addition to the extension application services, they offer shopping access and eyelash extension courses.

    Why Royalty lash Bar?

    All the lash technicians at royalty are licensed, certified and adequately trained to observe health and safety regulations. It offers high-quality lash designs for individual eye shape and facial structure and other adhesives, brush etc. The vast experience of its founder and owner in the entertainment industry as an influential esthetician helps her bring exceptional skills and view of beauty to the lash academy.

    Eyelash Extensions Products

     Lash Extensions

    The exclusive lash extensions are available in various thicknesses, curvatures, and lengths to help you achieve your desired look and feel the magical effect.

    They offer 2, 1, 3 mink magnetic, sexy lashes, drama lashes, Roppongi lashes, Hollywood lashes and many more in $22 to $29.

    Eyelash extension aftercare products

    Once you get your extensions on, taking care of the extensions is integral as it helps them stay longer and appear perfect throughout.

    For this, you would need accessories and products to take good care of eyelash extension.

    They offer different products like the pro pads makeup remover, which is pre-moistened and helps you remove any eye makeup or oil residue efficiently without affecting your lash extension. The lash Luxe foaming cleanser is also a perfect everyday use to remove any impurities or protein buildup from lashes to prevent having that clogged look at eyes instead of acquiring more clean and perfect ones. Disposable extension brushes are also available to comb through lashes and allow them to stay clean, dry and entirely in place. It also provides eyebrow microblading long island and many others. The price range of the following products is $5 to $18.

    Eyelash Extension Training Long Island Academy

    If you are also inspired to become a pro at lash extension, the academy can help you. Royalty lash academy is the only academy on long island licensed by the state of New York. It offers lash certification training program.

    It has comprehensive options for you to develop the skills you can perform adequately from classic eyelash extension classes to advanced volume lash extension certification training.

    You may need some accessories or products that you can shop online at the lash bar in the process.

    You can shop Eyelash mirror, Best friend Tm bonding agent, Mannequin doll face kit, COMFORTPRO® CURVED TWEEZER, Long-Tipped Applicator (100-Pack), eyelash extension remover etc.

    Classic Lash Training Long Island


    You can get your appointment by the certified professionals for your full set application or your lash refill in the fair prices. It also offers Keratin lash lift long island, an excellent option for candidates who don't want to put on extensions as it gives a natural lift to lashes without extensions.

    To explore more about eyelash extension price Huntington or further information, you can visit their website by clicking here.