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  • Eyelash Extension Curls 101: Here is What You Need to Explore!

    As per the latest report, “the global eyelash extension market is set to grow by USD 496.83 million from 2021 to 2026.” It shows that the lash extensions are all the rage these days! And everybody, from ordinary people to A-listers, is growing crazy after them. The excellent lash extension result gets achieved through much effort and skill.

    As professional lash technicians, we strive to offer you the best services and products to create an excellent look for you. However, this blog comprises everything you need to know about different types of extensions and their curls. You will also discover their thickness and lengths. So, keep reading!

    Different Types of Eyelash Extension Curls!

    Generally, there are eight primary types of extension curls. Knowing them in detail will help you choose the most suitable one for your eyes. We recommend our clients choose the lash extension depending on their natural lashes. Visit our Instagram page to see some luscious lash extensions! 

    J Curl

    This type has almost no curl to its ends and looks like the letter J. Typically, the lashes are straight with the slightest lift at the end. Because of its structure, this extension appears longer than other curls.

    B Curl

    B curl is the simplest and most popular curl for eyelash extensions. It is a straight extension with a little curl at the ends. B-curl not only looks subtle and soft but is also an ideal choice for women who want to make their lashes look natural with a little extra punch!

    C Curl

    Do you know the reason for the popularity of C curls among lash enthusiasts? It works for almost every eye tip, allowing everyone to choose without a second thought. This lash extension lifts your lashes and gives a fuller and more pronounced look than the b-curl. It will be a perfect choice for women with thin lashes who wish to make them fuller. You may also go for the cc curl if you want a fuller effect from the c curl but need a little of the drama d-curls gives too.

    D Curl

    Simple, the letter D in the D curl stands for drama. It resembles a semi-circle, which is why these lashes do not best suit everybody. However, if you have naturally curly lashes, it will be a perfect fit for you. When this curl adds an extra D (DD curl), it creates a fluffy look to the eyelashes. Its bouncy and soft look ensures the perfect d-curl drama.

    L Curl

    Frankly, maybe people least prefer the L and L+ extension curls. They start as a straight line before bending upwards at the end. And thus, they are not the best suit for everyone. Well! You might want to give L-curl lashes a try if you are someone with hooded eyes or downturned lashes. For more details about the lashes, visit our Facebook page. 

    M Curl

    If you see the picture of M curls, you will notice that it starts with a flat base and finishes with a strong upwards curve. There is no kink in the transition from the flat base to the curled end, and it is the best of this lash extension curl. It gives a strong yet smooth lifting effect to the eyes since it has a dramatic curl but no kink, being a perfect choice for droopy or hooded eye shapes.

    U Curl

    As the U curls are the strongest of all eyelash extension curls, they do not suit most people. One should have some specification in her eyes and lash line to wear this type. Customers having downward-angle lashes can be ideal for U curls!

    I Curl

    Do you know the unique quality of I-curl lashes? They are almost straight lashes and suitable for both men and women. If you want a fuller look without a lift, give this a try! It will be the minimalist option for imitating your natural eye but making it look a little fuller.

    The Correct Way to Remove Lash Extensions

    Many people think that removing lashes is the most satisfying and fun task. But let us tell you that this fun task can be your nightmare if you try the wrong method. It is why we suggest not trying to remove your eyelash extensions yourself under any circumstances. 

    Chances are, you will pull out your natural eyelashes prematurely, which can lead to problems with the follicles of the lashes and further infection or wound. Also, failing to break the natural lashes properly even causes ingrown hair, which is bound to be painful. So, do not take risks and rely on our professionals!

    In a Nutshell

    So, if you need our help or outstanding products, feel free to contact us. Or, you may visit our Twitter page to stay tuned and get the latest updates!