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  • Eyelash Extension- the Ultimate Guide

    Do you wish to have the elegant fluttery eyelashes that look natural?

    Most of the women on average crave for this look but end up with lash loss, eye’s irritation due to the application of false party eyelashes or the bad mascara.

    Sounds cruel to be done to your lashes almost every day?  And tired of and dealing with falsies and mascara?

    If yes, then you have this longer-lived option; eyelash extension that brings about the wonderful transformation in your overall appearance by making your eyes bigger, brighter and full of depth and yet looks all-natural.

    Are you inclined to wear this look but doesn’t know anything about it? No more bewilderment, read this article about eyelash extension guide as here is all that you need to know.

    What are eyelash extensions?

    Eyelash extensions are the synthetic, semi-permanent cosmetic application employed to enhance and lift your eye shape. It can intensify the length, curl, fullness and thickness of your natural eyelashes.

    The professional lash artist attaches the extension to your lashes with the help of specific semi-permanent adhesive and the other tools in his eyelash extension kit.

    Eyelash extension over the false eyelashes

    Eyelash extensions are different and most convincingly better than the false eyelashes.

    The traditional party eyelashes are timely and have to be applied and removed after each use. Even after so much struggle, you keep checking on them as if they are going to fall. Moreover, their pre-designed depth and layers do not consider your distinct eye shape and hence won't necessarily suit you to provide the exact effect you want to achieve. As they are attached to the skin and no the lashes itself, they look quite unnatural.

    eyelash extension images

    Whereas eyelash extensions are attached to your lashes giving your eye shape the specific depth and elongation. They are semi-permanent and look natural allowing you to carry your look confidently. In addition, it comes with the bonus of no worries and no time to apply eyeliner or eye makeup every morning as it creates the dramatic lash line itself. They fall out naturally after six weeks or can be removed with eyelash extension remover ulta.

    What are the determining factors in choosing the best eyelash extension?

    If you are wondering what are the factors which are going to affect as well as help you decide which eyelash extension is best for you.

           The answer is right here.

    1. Your distinct shape of eye – almond, upturned, downturned, round, almond, protruding

    2. The size of the eye- how big or small, your eyes are.
    3. Eyelids – they can be monoid, parallel, hooded or lateral
    4. The orientation of eyes- ranging from close-set to deep set
    5. Your desired look which varies from a natural look to glamorous appearance and a more dramatic effect.

    Can I customize my eyelash extension?

    You can. As you would consult lash artist to get your eyelash extension, he would allow you to select all of the following.

    Select your lash curl

    1.  J curl – softest curl for a natural lash look.
    2. C curl- for those desiring a wide-awake look with the toughest curl and dynamic appearance.
      1.  D curl – for the most dramatic look with higher lift and visible lash
      2. lines.Eye lash extension

    Select your lash type

    1. Silk eyelash extension - Similar to the effect of mascara, silk gives you a bold look with a semi-matte finish.
    2. Mink eyelash extension- it gives the fine gorgeous finish with a light feathery appearance
    3. Synthetic eyelash extension- these are sturdiest of all giving a more dramatic look.

    Choose your application method

    1. Full set eyelash extension- with the extension applied individually to each of your natural eyes lashes for a fuller look.
    2. Partial set- applying for an extension from the middle to the outside of your lash line for a more subtle look.

    Select Lash length, color and volume

    1. In choosing the length or thickness of the lash extension, your natural lashes play a major role. You can wear thicker and longer extensions only if your lashes are thicker and longer. If your natural lashes are sparse or thin, the shorter extension would be applied so not to weigh them down.
    2. You have the choice of three different extensions for specific lash volumes. Classic extensions are individual lash attached to one natural eyelash, giving the appearance of applied mascara. Volume eyelashes are the multiple thinner extensions applied to natural lashes. Hybrid is the mix of classic and volume to give the perfect blend of texture and fullness.
    3. Are you are thinking of getting coloured eyelashes? You have the choice to choose from black eyelash extension to multiple colors purple, green, blue etc. to add highlights to the lash hair and complement the particular eye color or your brave dare.

    How to attach the eyelash extension?

    Well, this is a thing that lash artist has to know with expertise and not necessarily you. But if you feel curious about how is it going to be done, then below is the general eyelash extension process.               

    Warning:  This is not a self-eyelash extension tutorial. Never try these on your own even if you have the starter eyelash extension kit. . Always concern a professional eyelash artist with an eyelash extension certification.

    1. First of all, he would do lash mapping; investigating which eyelash extension products would work.
    2. Your lash technician would apply eye patches to your lower lashes to keep them unaffected (eyelash extension is applied only to the upper lashes) after cleaning your eye area.
    3. He would brush through your lashes to get the idea about the appropriate length of your lash extension. Typically, 150-200 lashes adhered one by one to your natural lash. It takes about 2-3 hour
      1. In case, your extension and natural lashes stuck together, your technician would gently separate them.
      2. Then the glue would be allowed to dry.
      3. Now the eyelash expert would remove those patches you are ready to look into the mirror to figure out the transformation.
      4. In this excitement, don’t tend to neglect the very important after-care instructions that your technician has to give you.
      5. In case of post-application eyelash extension reaction, consult your technician for eyelash extension infection treatment or employ eyelash extension irritation remedy for quick relief.

       Should I put the eyelash extension on?  Why? OR Why not?

      The pros

      1. You get to have the naturally bigger and fluttering eyelashes without gobbling with three layers of mascara every day.
      2. It gives an alluring look to your eyes and makes your eyes pop out and appear less tired.
      3. It saves your time from curling your lashes to applying mascara and dealing with mascara mishaps every morning.
      4. You can get the extensions that are customizable to perfectly suit your eyes and enhance your eye shape.
      5. This enhances your feminine beauty and confident look.
      6. You can be more daring with this by choosing coloured eyelashes or high volume lashes.

      The Cons

      1. It is expensive, costing a good amount of your worthy dollars.
      2. It needs to have maintenance and eyelash extension refill after every 2-3 weeks which is costly too.

      Got some more questions? Continue to read below.

      Can the lash extension damage my natural lashes?

      This question is synonymous to another question which is: why is important to go to a good lash technician.

      The answer to it depends on how professionally and efficiently the extension is placed. Because getting an extension itself is not inviting for problems like allergies, damage to natural eyelashes or eyelash extension irritation.

      So it is really important to get this done in a good lash extension studio-like reputed Eyelash Extension Long Island. A good lash expert would have the artistic style expertise along with the best eyelash extension tweezers in his kit.

      What are the tips for eyelash extension to last long?

      With the investment that you have made, it is also important to be able to enjoy its consequences to the fullest and for a bit longer.

      1. If you are thinking can I wear mascara on them? Then it’s a big NO. Don’t do this because applying mascara makes the lashes stiff and may cause them to break. Secondly, it is hard to remove it and that might cause the bonding on the extension to break.
      2. Never use a curler as it can break extensions.
      3. Avoid oil-based products and heavy creams around eyes.
      4. And avoid touching your extension repeatedly to the possible extent.

      Can I apply for the eyelash extension on my own?

      Applying for eyelash extension on your own with no expertise or previous experience is an extremely bad idea to consider.

      The sensitive eyelash extension glue can be dangerous from affecting your eyes to sticking lashes together and ultimately causing lash loss. Apart from the pain that you would have to deal with, it may cause you problems like eyelash extension infection or a permanent scar in your lash line.