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  • How Long Does It Take to Get Eyelash Extensions?

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    Lash extension services are the beauty industry's mainstream market hits because of their seamless and relatively painless way of achieving wispy and fluttering eyelashes without any inconvenience whatsoever. However, as with any other beauty service coming into bloom, lash extension services also have their fair share of pros and cons. One of which is the time it takes to accomplish eyelash extensions. All of that and many more facts about this special eye beautifying treatment: continue reading until the end!

    What Are Lash Extensions? 

    Lash extension services are treatments that attach semi-permanent fibers to your natural eyelashes to achieve the look of longer, fuller, and darker eyelash fringes. One by one, lash extensions are placed and applied to every individual natural eyelash. The typical equation is one (1) extension per one (1) natural eyelash.

    Lash extension services use semi-permanent glue, which varies based on which clinic. But generally, these lash extensions can be made of synthetic silk, mink, or faux mink fibers. Many clinics offer a wide range of different curl patterns, extension lengths, and tints clients can choose from in customizing their look.

    Types of Eyelash Extensions

    Lash extension services use three kinds of various eyelash extension materials: silk, mink, and synthetic. Some clinics also offer "faux mink" extensions that are technically the same synthetic extensions that mimic the mink extensions.

    Every clinic has its preference regarding the lash extension type they use, usually not asking patients of their preference. A tip for vegans or those allergic to cats: make sure to specifically ask or request mink lash extensions not to be used on you. Each lash extension type is equal when talking about lasting longer. However, silk and mink lashes tend to give off that more natural look, while synthetic lashes can gear towards the thicker and darker side, a better-suited kind if you want a bolder look.

    Lash Extension Service Application

    Lash extension service is a careful application of eyelashes one at a time using a semi-permanent glue specially formulated not to irritate or damage the natural lash. Although the exact process differs from who will administer the treatment, here are the general steps taken for your beautiful lashes: 

    • Evaluation: Before application, your doctor should have a run-through with you of all of the risks and benefits lash extension service has. It would be best to disclose previous or ongoing conditions you may have that might make this treatment unsuitable for you.
    • Extension and Curl Strength: Based on your preferred outcome, doctors will let you choose an ideal length and curl strength for your lash extension service. Remember that they may use up to 3-4 various extension lengths. They will then concentrate the longer extensions on the outer portions, while the shorter ones are on the inner part of the eyes. 
    • Eye Area Cleansing: Once you're in a comfortable position, doctors will cleanse the eye area to remove any oil, germs, or makeup from the site. It can be helpful if you arrive already makeup-free. 
    • Tape and Eye Gel Application: Typically, it takes 1-2 hours to complete your lash extension service. Doctors apply under-eye gels to the lower lash line to prep for the actual treatment, keeping the lower lashes out of the way. Then, eye gels will be placed and secured using medical-grade tape on both sides of your eyes, although this tape doesn't touch the lashes so that it won't hurt once removed. 
    • Application: With the use of tweezers, each extension end is dipped in the lash glue and then applied to your individual, natural lashes. Although this application is not painful, you might feel anxious with the tweezers used on you, so better close to your eyes during this phase. 
    • Drying: Lash glues dry very quickly, but around an additional ten (10) minutes of the grace period will happen once all of the extensions have been applied. Small, handheld fans may be placed at your extensions, speeding up the drying time or leaving the glue to be dried naturally by the air. During this phase, your eyes are still closed. 
    • Tape and Gel Removal: Your doctor will remove the under-eye gels and tape after the drying process. Once done, doctors usually brush through the lashes using a device called a spooly, then ask you to blink your eyes open slowly.

    Benefits and Drawbacks


    • It is proven effective - Lash extension services will make you wake up with your long, gorgeous, and fluttering lashes each day. This treatment effectively enhances your eyes, looking incredible to everyone who'll see your new lashes. 
    • It is entirely customizable – The look you can achieve can either be on the natural or the dramatic side; depending on what you like, work with your doctor in deciding your ideal length and curl for your lash extension service. 
    • It is virtually waterproof – Even though the first 48 hours will be crucial on not getting your lashes wet, you can still do activities like swimming, taking a shower, and sweating in your extensions. A friendly reminder, though: the dryer you keep your extensions, the longer they can last. 
    • It won't feel any pain – Lash extension services are 100% painless for almost all who undergo this procedure–from beginning to the end. 
    • It's usually safe – Everyone in the cosmetic industry who practices lash extension services can agree that lash extensions are safe for the most part. However, there may still be risks of irritation and infection, so listen well to your doctor to avoid these complications.


    • It poses risks of irritation and infection – One significant risk of the lash extension service is the risk of eye irritation. Typically, eyelash extensions require glue to attach these extensions to the natural follicles. With that said, the eyes are susceptible to chemicals that make up these glue materials. Anything around the eyes can irritate, either due to the substances or the friction and tugging forces around the lashes. Prevent irritation and allergic reaction by doing a patch test on your hand using the adhesive. Request a latex- and formaldehyde-free glue since these two are the most common irritants.
    • It can ask a considerable investment of time and money – Initially, lash extension services will cost around $100-300, not including refills costing roughly about $50-150 after every 2-4 weeks. Initial procedures can last for two (2) hours, and refill appointments up to an hour. 
    • It can potentially damage your natural lashes – Even with the best doctors and lash executing your perfect aftercare, there's still the slightest possibility of seeing damage happening to your natural lashes. As the natural ones grow, your extensions move and get farther and farther from the roots of the lashes. This incident makes it relatively harder for natural lashes to support the weight of your extensions, potentially causing them to break. Rubbing your lashes and itching them during your sleep, either using your hands or placing them against your pillow, won't help at all and could also cause the damaging to your natural lashes.

    Takeaways on Lash Extension Service

    Lash extension services are indeed an efficient and remarkable way of crowning beauty to your natural lashes. Make sure always to consult your doctor or experts in the cosmetic scene so that you can reap only the best results possible. Lash extension services are the perfect makeover you can reward your lashes after tiring them for so long.

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