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  • How to Apply Eyelash Extensions

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    The increasingly popular trend of eyelash extension lashes is creating massive influence in the beauty world. And to a broad audience, it has numerous reasons for being so.

    From the escape of mascara misadventures and false party eyelashes trouble to the magical transformation of the look, it has got the power to urge you to get these semi permanent lash extension fixed to your natural lashes.

    So most possibly, you might have considered acquiring eyelash extension on yourself for your eyes to appear bright and wide awake with the established adorable depth in them.

    If you have ever done then knowing about the steps involved in applying eyelash extension to your lashes would be intriguing for you. Here is this article about How to use eyelash extensions. You can know about how your lash extension application looks like.

    How are eyelash extensions applied?

    Before you move further to get extensions on your lashes that enhance and lift your eye shape, be sure about the lash technician you go to. As you allow him to work on your eyes, which is a susceptible and delicate part, you must go to a licensed lash expert with eyelash extension certification who doesn’t risk your eye’s safety and lash health. In comparison, the idea of applying for eyelash extension at home is already out of the question if you are not a pro because you may not be specifically trained to work on that sensitive area and would instead invite problems like lash damage or eye's infection, etc.

    Following is the step by step guide on how your lash professional will apply for eyelash extensions on you.

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    1. Evaluation

    Prior to your appointment with the lash professional, he would inquire about your allergic or any such sensitive conditions to be aware of eyelash extension that may be unsuitable for you and practice extra cautions.

    This way, he would find out the extension that would be your perfect match based on your specific conditions and save you from facing problems like irritation or infection afterward. He would consider all the risks and the benefits of having eyelash extension and eyelash extension cost before putting them on you.

    1. Lash Mapping.

    Then the technician would perform lash mapping.

    Skipping lash mapping or directly jumping on the application of extension won’t only fail at enhancing your natural lashes and eyes but would also affect them adversely as lash breakage, lash loss or eye infection are the typical products of incorrect application and inappropriate selection of lash extension.

    So cooperate adequately with your lash expert as it allows him to determine what length of extension should be attached to which part of the lash line. It will help you get eyelash extension natural look along with specific depth and elongation to your eyes

     if it's done properly.

     He would inspect your eye shape and lashes length, which will help him pick up the right lash style from the various eyelash extension styles.  This step is crucial because the eyelash extension for hooded eyes won’t effectively suit round or almond eyes.

    1. Customizing lash extensions

    At the third step, it would be your time to tell him about the look you have been long craving for. As he would ask you about your desired look, be it natural or more glamorous, he would customize the extensions to suit you perfectly. 

    You would choose the ideal extension length, volume effect, and curl strength for your lashes in the pursuit of your dreamt look. If you desire a more voluminous look, you can choose 3d lashes, Huntington.

    Your lash artist may use more than one type of extension length; the longer extensions adhere at the outer corners and the shorter ones at the eyes' inner corners.

    1. Cleansing of the eye area

    After the selection of the right extension, it would be time to apply them.

    As your lash artist would ask you to lie down in a comfortable position under the eyelash extension light, which uses led light instead of fluorescent, he would begin working. First of all, he would clean the area around your eyes to remove any makeup residue, oil, or germs. If you want to save up time for your appointment, then you must arrive makeup-free at the salon.

    1. Under-eye gel and eye patches

    After cleaning the eye area, the expert would apply eye patches to your lower lashes to work on the upper eyelid productively. It is essential to keep lower lashes out of the way, and unaffected as London eyelash extensions are applied only to the upper lashes. Technicians use under eye gel on the lower lash line, followed by medical grade tape on both sides of the eyes. This taping may feel weird, but it should not hurt.

    In addition to keeping them unaffected, isolating lower lashes also helps the technician work efficiently against the contrasting background. It is easier to see the lashes more clearly against a crisp white background (tape).

    1. Eyelash extension application

    By now, your eyes would be closed for the next 1-2 hours (depends on the time required for application of extensions), but you would feel the tweezers working close to your eyes. However, the process must be painless.

    As extensions are applied to your lashes individually, unlike falsies, which are attached to your eyelid, the lash artist would dip the end of each extension in the semi-permanent lash glue using eyelash extension tweezers and then apply it to your lashes one by one.

    Generally, one eyelash extension is applied per natural lash, but multiple extensions are required per individual natural lash for a voluminous look.

    1. Lashes or extensions separation

    The expert would gently inspect that no lashes or extensions are stuck together and separate them gently in case of any such encounter.

    1. Extension glue drying

    After this, the glue with which your extensions are bonded to your natural lashes would be set to dry. The lash glue mostly dries very quickly, but the lash artist would likely make you wait for 10 minutes to be sure that the semi-permanent bonding of the cement and your lashes are successfully achieved. Once the glue dries, he may perform separation again.

    1. Removing eye patches

    As the lashes would dry completely, the lash artists would remove eye gel and tapes.

    He would practice his expertise in removing them and hence usually doesn't hurt at all, but in case of any sensitivity in this area, you can inform him to employ extra cautions.

    1. Analyzing the effects

    Once removed, the professional may brush through the lashes and ask you to blink your eyes slowly to analyze the final output and make slight adjustments if required. He would also make sure that the extensions are at the comfort of your eyes and that you don’t feel any eyelash extension irritation.

    The extensions are done, and you have successfully acquired the beautiful, elegant lashes, but there are also other essential things to know from your lash technician before leaving the salon.

    1. Eyelash extension aftercare

    He would discuss the extension aftercare instructions, which need to be followed for the extensions to last longer and appear perfect throughout.  He would also tell you how often you need to get your refills done and visit the salon for it. If you also want your brows to be defined along with your lashes for the complete gorgeous look, long island microblading can help you.

     The use of an eyelash extension cleanser and eyelash extension brush can be one of its recommendations. It is essential to keep your lashes in place and clean of any makeup build-up of dust particles.

     Remember that after six to eight weeks, the bonding begins to break, and extension starts to shed as your lashes grow out. However, waiting for them to fall naturally may cause damage to your natural lashes in the process. Hence, it is advised to get the extensions removed by professional at lash removal Huntington than pulling them off yourself and causing your lashes to break.