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  • How to remove eyelash extensions?

    Eyelash Removal

    If you have ever tried eyelash extensions, you would surely admit the adorable transformation it brings to your beauty routine. You bid farewell to your everyday practice of ruining natural lashes by applying a thicker layer of mascaras in the attempt for more voluminous and darker lashes.  Moreover, it brings the instant fulfilment of longer and fuller eyelashes with various eyelash extension looks available.

    This desired natural zero- effort glam that every woman seeks is all achievable with eyelash extensions which last about 6-7 weeks at its best. After this, you might find the once full and wide awake lash extensions dangling at the middle of your lash line distracting and probably annoying you. Your first possible instinct might be to pull them off.

    Wait! If you are thinking so, don’t- because you are instead planning to invite problems like lash loss, eyelid pain, eye’s infection than doing any good.

    This article has got you all covered about how to remove eyelash extensions.

    Is it safe to remove eyelash extension on your own?

    Watching the DIY YouTube videos about how to remove eyelash extensions at home might make you feel confident to take matters into your hand especially when you have previously luckily succeeded in cutting your hair or giving yourself mini facials etc.  

    But Stop! Dealing with eyelash extensions isn’t the same even if you think you have the right products. It might cause you problems that you didn't know if you haven't taken eyelash extension training long island.

    The safest and most effective option for your lashes and your eyes is to get it done by a professional of little lash boutique Huntington. Below are why it is essential to get it done by a professional lash artist or why shouldn’t you think to mess up with your extensions at home.

    1. The eyelash extension glue applied to your lashes is surgical grade glue. It is different and more robust than the glue used to apply falsies. Dealing with the strong bonds of semi-permanent glue is complicated, and an experiment of a novice with it is no good thing to think about. If escaping to the eyes, it may also result in severe eye infections.
    2. Extensions are applied strand by strand to the lashes unlike falsies attached to the eyelid. Hence it is more difficult to carefully and efficiently remove all the extension lashes. And you might end up pulling your lashes instead of extensions. In addition to the acute pain, you would have to tolerate; it can also cause bald gaps which may not grow back.
    3. There can be a threat of the spread of bacteria along the lash line and around the eye during the process that a professional artist can easily avoid. He must have attended the eyelash extension training program and know all the techniques and safety majors.
    4. In addition to the technician's expertise with eyelash extension license, they have the suitable extension removing products, which softens the hard bonds and causes the extensions to slide off. They also have other specific tools to make your extension removal pain and lash damage free.
    5. Like in the extension application, he performs eyelash extension mapping and considers your sensitivities or allergic conditions. For the removal, he would have an abundance of methods, products or tips that suit you to remove your extensions without any discomfort and harm to your lashes.


    It is crucial to visit the professional who has all the eyelash extension information for applying for extensions and requires the specialist for the removal. Unlike the application process which takes up to 2-3 hours and costs more dollars, this is approximately half an hour process costing only around $10-20.

    However, there are inevitable circumstances when you cannot visit the salon for the eyelash extension refill Huntington or the extension removal. Either if you don't have time to go to the technician or want a break from your lash routine, we can help you.

    How to speed up the extension removal process?

    One common alternative to the lash artist for the eyelash extension removal is allowing the eyelash extensions lengths to fall off gradually and naturally. But this can take up to five weeks, and there is a higher probability of damage to your natural lashes as your lashes grow out with the extension still glued on them. So waiting for them to fall off naturally is not a good idea.

    3d lashes Huntington

    Hence, if you don't want your lashes to look extra stubby and short just because your lashes went through breaking when your lash extension came off, then there is something we can help you with.

    It is not the removal itself as there are no such safe products or techniques to remove extensions effectively at the comfort of your home. Still, there are ways to speed up the removal process and help you escape from the disgruntled, restless state with dangling extensions.

    Below are some of the harmless expert-approved ways that you can employ. You may find it like breaking the rules as some of them are the don’ts of the eyelash extension maintenance. Nevertheless, these are now encouraged because the motive is to weaken and soften that bonding of extensions, so they fall out quickly.

    Keep in mind; they would also take up to a few days or weeks as they are just meant to speed up the process not to perform miracle overnight.

    1. Use Oil-Based Makeup Remover

    To keep lashes in place, professionals prohibit you from using oil-based makeup removers and recommends eyelash extension cleansers. However, the aim is to weaken that bonding of extension glue and for that oil-based makeup remover or cleaner comes for generous aid. It uses different ingredients in them, which help to dissolve adhesive bonds. For example, glycol used as a solvent in cosmetics enfeebles extension bonding.

    1. Try taking Hot shower.

    Heat and moisture are considered two of the known enemies of lash adhesives. Taking long steamy hot shower includes both of these elements. Hence, it can help shorten the life of your extensions and bring any stragglers hanging on the lash line to rest.

    Remember, it requires adequate steam and hot water to make a difference to your eyelash extension lifespan.

    1. Make use of Oil cleansers.

    There are some specific oils that you can use which have proved to weaken extension adhesives bonds. These are mineral oil, castor oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil and canola oil.

    You can use any of these oil cleansers with care (not allow any oil to get into your eyes) in gentle circular motions in the area around the eye and along the lash line where extensions are attached to dissolve the lash glue and help loosen any leftover lashes.

    1. Using Mascara

    If you feel stuck after following the tips only once or twice, reconsider trying the tips mentioned above for at least about 1-2 weeks to observe its results.

    One tip is to skip eyelash extension mascara because they are oil-free and favorable for lash extension's durability and use other mascaras. Most ordinary mascaras are loaded with oil and wax, so their everyday use to conceal remaining lash extensions would weaken the bonding while keeping extensions attached to natural lashes. 

    Even after following these steps, if you don't feel any different, then your stubborn lash extension and glue immensely needs the treatment of you lash technician who performed your eyelash extension application.

    1. Be gentle-don't pick or pull at your lashes- they may respond worse to your harsh treatment.

    Last but not the least is never to attempt to pick or pull at your lashes neither with your hand nor with the tweezers.

    As the extensions are applied to the natural lashes, picking or pulling at the extensions can take the natural lashes with them. It doesn't only make your natural lashes sparse and thin along with bald marks throughout the lash line. The repeated activity of pulling lashes can also affect follicle badly with other damages that can not be reversible.

    1. Your natural lashes are at your disposal, treat them well.

    After you take in the pride and satisfaction of getting all your dangling extensions fallen off, remember to be kind to your natural lashes for they need to last forever.

    Do not apply too much pressure on the lashes or the eye when applying or removing makeup.  Embrace health of natural lashes and take good care of your lashes. To make your natural lashes longer, thicker and fuller, you can also go for eyelash serums as it nourishes and strengthens your lash hair.


    The above tips may yield results without damaging your natural lashes at a different time based on lash adhesive strength and the duration of lash extension. As longer the lashes have been on, the easier it gets for them to fall off or take out, and similarly for the stronger lash adhesive.