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  • The Do's and Don'ts of Post-Waxing Care

    Post Waing Care

    After you've just had your waxing appointment, it's not all over yet. There are still several important things you have to do or avoid, namely doing some after-care post-waxing and skin care. Following these instructions ensure that you will save yourself from the uncomfortable side effects of waxing treatment. 

    Waxing to a certain extent is painful, depending on your pain tolerance. However, it's nothing to be afraid of, and there are no health risks associated with waxing. Albeit your skin will be in a sensitive state for a short while, approximately around 24 to 36 hours. 

    During these hours, you need to follow some do's and don'ts instructions to soothe the skin and maximize the results of waxing treatment. Likewise, these same instructions help avoid the potential risks of developing ingrown hairs, rashes, itching, scarring, redness, and bacterial infections. 

    The Do's Of Post-Waxing And Skin Care

    Now that you know why these instructions exist, let's explore the do's and don'ts of post-waxing and skin care!

    Do's Of Post-Waxing And Skin Care

    Here are some instructions you should do after your waxing treatment. 

    1.) Use The Prescribed  Post-Delipatory Lotions

    Both estheticians and the client are responsible for their post-waxing care, and that's why your esthetician will prescribe you a post-depilatory lotion. Post-depilatory lotions remove waxy residue to avoid infections, soothe the skin, and decrease the chances of ingrown hairs and red bumps. 

    Follow their instructions on how often you should apply these lotions, and it's your responsibility to follow them. If you are considering DIY waxing options, then get a post-depilatory lotion at a local pharmacy or in online stores.

    2.) Apply Cool Compress In The Affected Areas

    You can utilize ice packs or make your own compresses by soaking a clean cloth in running cold water. Ice packs or cold compresses effectively reduce the appearance of red bumps, calm down red skin, and reduce irritation and inflammation. 

    If it's a bit too cold, place the ice in a sponge and then gently compress it into your skin, or simply allow it to melt on top of the skin. 

    3.) Antiseptic Ointments

    Over-the-counter antiseptic ointments are very effective in preventing infections. It will also reduce the chances of inflammation, itching, irritation, and rashes. 

    4.) Cool Gels

    Most cool gels use natural ingredients such as plain aloe vera or tree oil. Applying cool gels in the affected areas refreshes the skin, giving it a cool-like sensation. You can use cool gels consistently several days after you've had your DIY waxing or waxing appointment, revitalizing and protecting the area. 

    5.) Use Loose Clothing With Natural Materials

    Right after your DIY waxing or waxing appointment, change your outfit and wear something loose and comfy. If you are currently wearing a bikini, change your underwear and pick something soft. The lesser chances of friction and sweat, the better it avoids irritation and infection. 

    Preferably, use cotton clothing and avoid synthetic ones like polyester and spandex. Synthetic clothing inhibits air from circulating on top of the skin. 

    6.) Choose Only Reputable Brands

    Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and it is likewise the first line of defense against infection. Properly taking care of your skin is a high priority since you've just had your waxing treatment. Ensure that your skin receives the best post-waxing and skin care treatment that you can get. 

    To help yourself out, consider following your esthetician's recommendations of which brands of skin care products you should try out. Also, consider checking out reviews of the products you are considering before purchasing. 

    7.) Ask Help

    If you are new to your waxing treatment, never hesitate to reach out to your estheticians. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to them and let them know. They will supply you with all the details you need for your post-waxing and skin care. 

    Don'ts Of Post-Waxing And Skin Care

    Here are something you should not do after your waxing treatment.

    1.) Avoid Touching Affected Areas

    Your hands contain lots of oils, dirt, and bacteria since your hands are frequently in contact with other things. Avoid bringing those hands in exposed skin that just have been recently waxed. Likewise, even if the skin is decontaminated, touching the affected areas can irritate the skin. 

    As tempting as it may be to scratch an itch or touch waxed areas, keep your hands off. Do that, and you won't experience any redness or bumps. 

    2.) Avoid Exposing Yourself From The Sunlight

    Freshly waxed skin is very sensitive to anything since the outer layer of the skin was literally stripped away along with the unwanted hair. 

    So avoid exposure to direct sunlight for the next two days, and doing so will help prevent sunburns and scarring. 

    Direct exposure to sunlight will also develop hyperpigmentation. So the affected areas will be much darker than the other non affected areas, ruining the aesthetics. 

    3.) Do Not Pick On Ingrown Hairs

    If you notice ingrown hairs in the affected areas, do not bother it for the next two days. After two days, you can try to exfoliate the area gently and then apply antiseptic cream once the ingrown hairs are removed. 

    4.) Avoid Strenuous Physical Activity

    Avoid doing any physical exercises or any other strenuous activity at all. These activities can cause sweat, which brings bacteria, and friction which can irritate the skin. If you are still considering a workout, keep it light. 

    Also, avoid sex right after the waxing treatment.

    5.) Avoid Oily or Drying Skin Care Products

    Avoid skin care products that are either oily or dries your skin unless prescribed or allowed by your esthetician. Oily skin care products can clog up the skin, and meanwhile, drying skin care products can irritate. So avoid deodorants, sprays, colored body washes, and other oily products.


    Make sure that you follow these do's and don'ts instructions of waxing and skin care so that you can have vibrant, youthful, and healthy-looking skin after your waxing treatment. If you are curious about knowing better about waxing treatments, reach out to Royalty Lash Bar. They offer courses that will make you into a certified esthetician.