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  • Types of Eyelash Extension


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    It is so exciting to know that you can also have those longer, thicker, darker and glamorous lashes that you once thought to belong only to your celebrity crush or influencer. You too can bring the magical transformation to your face look by making your eyes appear bright and wide awake.

    These eyelash extensions are adorably practical too in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. They can save your worthy time and patience that you otherwise have to spend on applying fake false eyelashes, using a mechanical curler or dealing with mascara mishaps every morning.

    But besides all of its pros, if you still feel uncertain of getting it done because you don’t know about the types of eyelash extension out there, it has to change now.

     Here in this article about eyelash extension types, you can know about the different eyelash extension material and which one would suit your eye comfort, desired look and your budget.

    Types of Eyelash Extension

    Based on the material used, eyelash extensions are classified into two types: natural and man-made.

    Natural Lash Extension materials

    These lashes are obtained from mimic natural hair of animals. They are blended into your lashes with eyelash extension glue for the most real and natural look: it gets hard to figure out if there is some extra animal fur on your lashes. For this, animal fur of mink, sable and fox is used. Typically, mink and sable extensions are the most expensive as they come from the real hair of Siberian mink and sable (a forest animal found in many parts of Siberia and Russia).

    1.      Mink Eyelashes

      If you are considering a natural yet luscious look, this could be your choice. Being thin lashes, they are inclined to stay longer without weighing down your natural lashes too much. Their light and feathery nature make them popular and attractive in Hollywood; these lashes are worn by different celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. For clean and attractive extensions, using the eyelash extension brush is also important to break down any dust or makeup build-up.

    2.      Sable Eyelashes

     They are similar to mink extension but are derived from the real hair of sable. For those who have thin lashes and can therefore not wear thicker options, sable eyelash extension comes as their aid being the thinnest lash extension type of all. It can provide the perfect wispy look without weighing down on your natural lashes by experts of lash extension academy long island.

    If you like thin and very natural looking eyelashes, lashes that resemble a lot to your natural lashes, then this can be your lash extension type.


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    But there are some ethical as well as personal concerns to be considered too. Though it is assured by most of the manufacturers that naturally shed hair is used, the natural lash extensions are not often considered cruelty free. Secondly, as they come from an animal's natural hair, they may be allergic or sensitive to some people. In addition, they are also expensive as they come from natural hair of animals.

    You don’t need to worry if you don't find yourself like this; there are efficient and convenient eyelash extension alternatives to natural lash extensions; man-made eyelash extensions.

    Man-made Eyelash Extensions

    Unlike natural lash extensions obtained from animal’s natural fur, they are made out of polyester or acrylic fibers. Hence, they are more widely employed as they are not prone to create or affect any allergic sensitivity. Moreover, they have low eyelash extension cost. These include synthetic, faux mink and silk eyelashes.

    1.      Silk Lash extensions

    Different to the suggestion of its name, these lashes are not made from the natural sink instead is a man-made product. In between the natural look of mink and dramatic effect of synthetic lashes, Silk lash extension plays safe being the happy medium alternative. You tend to look both natural and glamorous with these lashes. Following your natural lash line for fuller appearance; their lash shape is thicker at the bottom and thinner at the end.

    They are most durable and natural as compared to synthetic. These are low maintenance lashes which imply that swimming, bathing or playing sports won’t cause your lashes to fall out or rush almost every other week to the salon for eyelash extension refill Huntington. They are also cheaper than real furs extensions.

    2.      Synthetic Lash Extensions

    A great option for those who want a bold and glamorous look within the significantly affordable prices!

    By its name, they are not made up of any type of natural fur. Most of them are made from PBT, also known as Korean Fibres which is a kind of texturized yarn. They tend to be the least natural looking lashes in the myriad of various lashes types. With its full and bold look, they are best suited for special occasions and events where you want to stand out with a more youthful and lifted look of your eyes.

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     Unlike natural lashes, they are cheaper but require eyelash extension maintenance after every 3-4 weeks. These are the lashes which never fail at making your eyes pop even without the need of quick short application of mascara or other touch-ups.

    3.      Faux mink Lash Extension

     It is for those who want to experience the look and feel of real mink lashes but at a lower cost.

    Different from mink lashes that come from natural mink's fur, they are manufactured and therefore cheaper. This is a best suitable option for those who don't want to use natural hair but yet crave for that natural look as their curl is more uniform than synthetic lashes.

    It is one of the most popular lash type used by the artist. One of its convenient advantages is that it doesn’t lose the curl effect upon getting wet so to a very extent helps you in your eyelash extension care.

    Wearing these semi-permanent eyelash extensions is no longer a trend to fade away. It has got his roots deep for steady future growth. In eyelash extension long island lash studios to salons nearby you, all the above extension types are available with different modifications; length, shape, curl etc. to provide you with the perfect soothing effect.  

    So get ready to turn up the volume of your lashes. But make sure that you go to a professional lash technician with an eyelash extension certification.