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  • Single-Length Classic Trays
  • Single-Length Classic Trays
  • Single-Length Classic Trays



    Faux Mink eyelash extensions have surpassed industry standards in its weightlessness, natural appearance, and feathery effect, resulting in a texture very much like natural eyelashes.  They have an ultra-luxe feel, with clean tips and the perfect curl. The intensely saturated, rich, clean black shade pops on eyes, and satin-matte finish is just organic—not too dull, not too shiny.


    • Barely there weightlessness, dry or wet
    • Repels water for reduced twisting and tangles
    • Long tapered tips create a soft feathery appearance
    • Pliable and soft to touch

    Royalty Lashes offers the best Faux Mink Lash Trays in three curvatures: