• Mannequin Doll Face
  • Mannequin Doll Face
  • Mannequin Doll Face


    • Material: Our practice training Head is made of soft silicone, It has a smooth, soft, realistic surface texture simulative of real human skin
    • Easy to Clean: A head touch can be reused, not easy to become dirty, do not wipe the water out of each exercise, to be relieved as soon as possible with a professional cleansing oil, to avoid coloring
    • Multipurpose Usage: Suitable for practicing eyelash extension, make-up, facial massage or face painting. Can also be used on a flat surface to practice facial massage techniques. Ideal for beauty salons or individual use. Applicable to beginners or people who want to become more proficient with their skill of choice. 
    • Note: This head is designed for make-up and paint to wipe right off after use. however, some highly pigmented products have known to stain slightly. It is recommended to spray the face with hairspray before use to prevent staining. Baby oil and mineral oil can also help to remove stains