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    About Us

    • Kieu Clervoix is the connoisseur of individually applied semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The founder and owner of Royalty Lash Bar® Long Island’s premier eyelash salon and Royalty Lash Esthetic Academy, a certification training program on Long Island licensed by the State of New York. Kieu, a successful entrepreneur, a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, and a licensed educator, got her start in the entertainment fashion industry in Los Angeles as a personal assistant and stylist for singer Neyo and later developed her own clothing line before shifting to beauty and wellness. She returned to New York in 2017 and left an abusive marriage. She used her life savings start a new life and created Royalty Lash Bar®, located in Huntington, NY. Royalty Lash Bar offers custom lash designs tailored to individual eye shape and facial structure, while making the natural lash health a top priority. Kieu then developed Royalty Lash Esthetic Academy® with a goal of empowering women to start their own businesses. Royalty Lash Esthetic Academy is a program on Long Island licensed by the State of New York and the New York Department of Education to provide certification and training. Royalty Lash Esthetic Academy’s eyelash extension training is designed to educate and empower women and help build a foundation for a career in high-end lash application. Said Kieu, “When I fled an abusive marriage, I was left with nothing, and I vowed to help other women gain the tools and skills to empower themselves to make their own money and start their own business. No woman should stay in an unhealthy situation because they cannot afford to leave, my hope is by training women to become their own boss, they will have the financial freedom to be independent and empowered.” All of Royalty Lash Bar’s expert lash stylists are licensed, New York State certified and trained to comply with all health and safety regulations. Royalty Lash Bar offers custom lash designs, with exclusive eyelash extensions give a natural look, with faux mink lashes designed to mimic the natural eyelash and are available in over 100 different thicknesses, curvatures, and lengths. Royalty’s exclusive lashes have been featured on many reality TV shows, including most recently, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Love & Hip Hop.” Said Kieu, “When women enhance their natural beauty, it often leads to more confidence. Royalty Lash Bar® eyelash extensions can simplify your morning so you can focus on your day ahead, with a look of Royalty.” Royalty also offers a full line of high-quality lash products, from foaming cleansers to hypoallergenic lash adhesives—available in the salon, or online. Additionally, Kieu has developed her own product line, including the patented Tweezer Clean, a cleansing agent and disinfectant to sanitize and maintain tweezers. I invite you to speak with Kieu, she is a remarkable woman who has made it her life’s mission to make women feel more beautiful, provide self-confidence and empower women to create their own business and financial freedom.