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  • 3D Pre-Made Fans Volume Lash in Huntington Station New York at Royalty Lash Bar
  • 3D Pre-Made Fans Volume Lash in Huntington Station New York at Royalty Lash Bar
  • 3D Pre-Made Fans Volume Lash in Huntington Station New York at Royalty Lash Bar
  • 3D Pre-Made Volume Lash Fans



    Pre-made volume lashes are where it’s at. Clients and lash artists alike love the way premade volume lashes make their eyes appear bigger and brighter. Using premade volume lashes saves time without sacrificing quality. This ensures fabulous lash artists like yourself stay busy, taking on many happy customers in a day. 

    The best eyelash extension fans will have a thin, easy to adhere base and multiple lash lengths.

    Premade lash fans with short stems that are 2D or 3D work best when you’re going for a natural volume look. For added drama and a fluffier look, try wider premade volume lashes, such as 4D or 5D lash fans. To achieve the most volume and that “fresh eyeliner” look, look for super-wide, super fine eyelash extension fans.

    •  HAND MADE PRE-MADE FANS EYELASH EXTENSIONS : Really easy to pick up, not fall apart.
    • ✔PERFECT THICKNESS:Thickness 0.10mm ,if you fell the 0.07mm is too thin, this 0.1mm will suit for you.

    3D pre-made fan lash extension comes with two of the significant needed advantages of the lash application treatment. The 3D volume lashes refill Huntington for both the client and the technician.


    Following are the perks of having the 3D pre-made fan lash extension.

    1. Saves time of your lash treatment

    The volume lash extensions take longer to apply and sometimes get tiring for the clients and as well as for the artist. Not good?

    These pre-made volume fans are here to shorten the application time of your lash extension treatment effectively. As they exclude the time needed for creating the fans, they are quicker to apply. Ultimately, it is less tiring for the client and an increased opportunity for the artist to fulfill more day-to-day appointments with efficiency.

    1. The bonus of Ease

    Individuals or new lash technicians who are not accustomed to hand-made volume techniques don’t have to dwell on this anymore- the pre-made fan lash extensions are sufficiently easier to use than hand-made volume fans. In addition to helping newer artists skip the extensive struggle of creating fans, this pre-made fan extension allows them to apply lashes with nearly no effort as it has a thin and easy to adhere base.

     You possibly do not want to skip this convenience that our pre-made extension offers you for your promising career.

    So are you ready to employ the 3D pre-made fan lash extensions to provide your client the feathery soft, voluminous, glamorous, and natural set of eyelashes?


    Here is your quick guide on how to use these pre-made fan extensions.

    1. The first noticeable thing to do is to pick up the right pre-made fan by considering the factors like length, effects (available from 2D to 6D), long stem or short stem, and other customizable elements. Short branches are widespread and excellent for filling sparse natural lash, and long stem aims to provide a fuller look from the base, while the combination of both serves best to create a dense look with a weightless finish at the tips.
    2. Applying the pre-made fan lash extensions is fast treatment. Still, for doing it effectively, it may require a bit of adjustment in your eyelash extension kit, like employing the angled tip tweezers instead of straight tipped pickup tweezers.
    3. Before wrapping the fans into the natural lashes, it's essential to know how to lift them from the tray correctly.
    4. To avoid damaging the pre-made fans or just picking up few lashes instead of a complete premade fan, do not hold the fans from the top or pull it backward with the tweezer. Keeping the tip of the tweezer on a level with the lash strip holds the fan a little above its root and gently pulls it towards you to ensure perfect fan removal. Luckily, our 3D lashes Huntington are easier to pick.
    5. Now, it’s time to place the 3D pre-made fans lash extension on the natural lashes using your lash expertise to create a fuller, wispier look.
    6. Dip the fan base in the adhesive to adequately stick to the lash line but do not wet it overly with the glue as it would otherwise overweight the natural lashes. With our 3D lashes long island, which comes with a base that is extremely easy to adhere to, this would be a less difficult task.
    7. It’s not about placing the extension on the top; making the space and bringing it underneath, and pressing it against the natural lash line brings the required retention and desired perfect effect. That is why to avoid any damage to natural lashes and acquire perfection; this procedure demands a lash expert's skills. To learn all those required skills and knowledge, eyelash extension training long island is a great aid.
    8. Once completed, the client needs to revisit the refill and employ aftercare instructions like an eyelash extension brush to retain longer.

     Complement your lash extension treatment with 3D pre-made fan lash extensions that helps you create amazing lashes for your client in half the time and with half the effort.