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  • 6D Pre-Made Fan Lashes in Huntington Station New York at Royalty Lash Bar
  • 6D Pre-Made Fan Lashes in Huntington Station New York at Royalty Lash Bar
  • 6D Pre-Made Fan Lashes in Huntington Station New York at Royalty Lash Bar
  • 6D Pre-Made Fan Lashes in Huntington Station New York at Royalty Lash Bar
  • 6D Pre-Made Fan Lashes



    Pre-made Fan Lashes Heat Bonded 6D Long Stem Eyelash Extension

    Pre-made Volume Eyelash Extensions Specially treated root: We use a unique double heat bonding method to ensure an ultra light-weight lash without compromising strength and Ultra-thin base Pre-made Lash Fans Wide fans and symmetrical and evenly spaced, They might even look prettier than hand made volume lash extensions We guarantee that you and your clients will fall in love instantly with our Fluffy Lashes!

    Royalty 6D Premade Fan lash extensions won’t fail to provide you two of its great promising features namely beauty and quality. You or your client can experience an extensive charm of beauty and quality with our premade fans having the following specifications.

    Product Specifications

    1. Color                  Black
    1. Thickness           0.7 and 0.10
    1. Curl                     C and D
    1. Lengths             8MM to 16MM
    1. Heat bonded            6D  
    1. Type                   long stem

     Here are some of the amazing advantages that are highly appealing for this product.

     Product Advantages- why to choose 6D Premade Fan Lash extension?

    1. Particularly treated base

    If your clients have ever complained about feeling weight over their eyes due to eyelash extensions applied with a good amount of glue, bid it farewell. Premade Fan lashes 6D employ a distinct heat bounded technique that helps provide your clients an ultra-lightweight lash experience without comprising quality of a voluminous look or strength of lash bonding.

    2.Ease of application

    The long island eyelash extension premade fans sufficiently cut your time in half by saving you from the tiring exercise of preparing handmade fans of each length and thickness. Secondly, its ultra-thin base is easy to dip, glue, and apply as it blends well with natural lashes saving your time and energy adequately.

    3.Natural Look

     Like your natural lashes, black PBT premade fans are matte dark, and evenly spaced resulting in a dark, full, and natural look with a great clean finish. The flexibility of the curls is also made to resemble your natural lashes by double heating them during manufacturing. They are soft but durable and can withstand high temperatures as well.

     Below is your guide of using amazing lashes Huntington premade fans.

     Directions to use 

    1. Based on the desired eyelash extension volume look, pick the appropriate pre-made 6D fan considering factors like curl, length, and thickness. The sequential arrangement of premade fans on the tray is of great assistance.
    2. Clamp the whole premade fan correctly using eyelash extension tweezers. Luckily, our heat bonded 6D fans are easier to pick as they are bonded at the base. But to avoid doing any other damage to lashes, hold the fan a little above from its root and pull it gently towards you.
    3. Now it is time to apply glue on the base of the premade fan, but be certain that the fan is not overly wet that can overweight the natural eyelash. Our 6D fan’s specially treated base requires very little glue to get attached.
    4. You can now wrap the fans into your natural eyelashes with your distinct expertise in this area of field gained from eyelashes extension academy long island.
    5. For required retention and perfect effect, bring the premade fan underneath the natural eyelash and press it down and hold it so that it grabs the natural eyelash. If applied correctly, our premade long stem fan lashes are durable- don’t fall apart.
    6. The perfect voluminous look is achieved within a short time with a 6D Premade Volume Fan lash extension.

    Ingredients - Material used

    Similar to other synthetic lashes, 6D premade Volume Lash extension is made of PBT which is Polybutylene Terephthalate. It is a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymer molded into desired lash shape by heating and molding.  

    Shelf life 

    Eyelash extensions are made of PBT. This material is not accustomed to expire but the lash curls may lose their shape over time if exposed to heat or being stressed by any weight over them. 

    Storage and handling   

    Keep these away from direct sunlight, humidity, and heat. Use eyelash extension premade fans storage card to keep eyelash fans safe and in order.


    1. Never attempt to use these on your own if you don’t have the skill and experience for this.
    2. Always consult a lash professional who has spent well eyelash extension training cost to keep your eye’s safety and lash health preserved.
    3. In case if you face any adverse reactions, stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor.

     Gift your clients the fuller, wispier and voluminous lashes in half the time of your custom volume set an appointment with 6D Premade Fan Lash extension.