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  • Best-Friend™ Adhesive Bonding Agent
  • Best-Friend™ Adhesive Bonding Agent

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    Dear Royals,

    Have you ever experienced poor retention and closing up fan?  Anxious to find the best way to solve the problem? We are so excited to introduce Royalty Lash Bar's "BEST-FRIEND" Adhesive bonding agent can solve this problem for every lash stylist in the world.

    Make lashes adhere faster, speeding up the application process

    Volume fans will stay wide open

    Speed up the curing process

    Boosts the retention


    • Size 15ml
    • Works with any glues.
    • Completely cures glue from the inside out in 30 mins.
    • Cure the glue instantly, maximize the retention and reduce irritation reactions.
    • Help the glue bond stronger with any types of lash material, it's a must-have for color lash extensions. 
    • Speed up the drying time when in unfavorable conditions of humidity and temperature.