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  • Brow Lamination

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  • Brow Lamination in Huntington Station NY by Royalty Lash Bar
  • Brow Lamination in Huntington Station NY by Royalty Lash Bar
  • Brow Lamination in Huntington Station NY by Royalty Lash Bar
  • In just 60 minutes, fuller, thicker brow with less maintenance.  Your advanced lash stylist is able to relax the brows, allowing for them to be lifted and set into your desired shape.  Brow Lamination is a three-step process that creates fuller brows without any invasive treatment or techniques.  It was also created for all types of brows: naturally full, naturally thin, and even microblade eyebrows. Can last 4-8 weeks depending on water exposure. Must stay dry for 24 hours after service. 

    Inspired by the full, slicked-up brows conquering your Instagram explore page?

    You have landed on the right site.

    The trend of those bespoke brows is not just a dream but a beautiful reality to experience with Brow Lamination long island. Interestingly, it is one of the affordable and primarily non-invasive brow treatments available to achieve perfectly groomed brows.

    Discover as you scroll and know everything about this beauty treatment,

    What is eyebrow lamination?

     Brow lamination or Brow Perming is the semi-permanent but impactful treatment for bolder, fuller, and beautifully shaped brows without the use of needles or tint.

    This innovative technique of laminating the brows is relatively new in the beauty trend, with its origin based in Russia but traveling globally and becoming the preferred choice of celebrities and influencers aiming for shiny, smooth brows.

    Perks of getting the Brow lamination NYC

    Do you have a list of problems concerning eyebrows? Brow Lamination long island can help you tick most of them.

    • With its eyebrow fuller look, it helps to create the illusion of massive growth hair for those who have the gaps in their eyebrows resulting from the practice of over plucking or over waxing in the past.
    • With its lamination technique, all your unruly brow hairs that keep on sprouting in different directions despite your struggle to brush them are saturated in the perfectly groomed even brow shape.
    • With its natural brow lamination method, it gives a natural but yet bespoke look.
    • With its non-invasive method approach, it is nearly painless for most clients as the procedure doesn’t employ the use of needles or tinting chemicals.
    • With its suitability for most eyebrow shapes and styles, you can customize it accordingly to suit you in the perfect possible way.

    All in all, brow lamination for thin brows is one of the affordable and effective brow treatment options available.  

     How to do Brow lamination?

    There are two eyebrow lamination steps- the breaking of brow hair bonds and rebuilding the bonds required for the desired new uniform position.

    The process takes up to one hour, which incorporates tinting and hair removal techniques in addition to laminating brows particularly.

    Going to a professional with the experience of brow lamination training long island for the following treatment is a worthy thing to consider for better results and escape from unwanted mishaps.

    1. The first obvious step is a consultation with your stylist for him to acquaint well with your brow goals and work accordingly to achieve them.
    2. Next, to relax and make your brow hairs easier to manipulate, he would apply lifting cream in the brow lamination kit over your brows. It works by breaking down the bonds of the hair structure.
    3. At this stage, the hairs are brushed in the uniform vertical direction or into your desired position.
    4. Then, the artist would seal your brows in the set position with the neutralizer's application.

     By now, your brows are laminated to stay in place for the 4-6 weeks or 8weeks at their best but, there is also the need for a new eyebrow shape to match your new position of the brow hairs.  

    1. The new or complementary required shape is achieved by the combination of threading, tweezing, feathering, and waxing.
    2. After the chemical treatment process and brow shape setting, the artist uses a nourishing oil to replenish the brows' moisture and cancel out any dryness.
    3. You are almost there, with only a few final touches left that the brow lamination course's stylist has to perform.
    4. Finally, the shiny, smooth brows on your face are ready to enhance your beauty look.

    Brow lamination cost    

    Generally, as compared to other bow treatments, brow lamination proves to be extremely affordable. Possibly, it is because it employs less time and materials.  Its average cost per session comes in between the range of %50-$100 and is accessible to a broader audience for the stunning effect.  

    Are there any downsides to brow laminations?

    Swelling, redness, itching, bumps are some of the side effects expected. Scared?   Wait!  These are some of the common symptoms that may result after any brow treatment and disappears after some time.

    However, only rare cases included some severe damage to eyelids or eyes if chemicals accidentally run into them during the procedure.  Luckily, with an expert stylist who has attended the brow lamination training Huntington, this can be avoided easily to the best possible extent.

    Nevertheless, if you find yourself facing any the problems like sensitive skin, eczema, rocasea, contact dermatitis, then this procedure might not be for you, but consulting the professional about it beforehand may help you find a suitable alternative method for the pursuit of the same results.

    Brow lamination aftercare

    The first 48 hours after the treatment demand some extra care, which includes

    1. Avoid making them wet.
    2. No cream, makeup, or oil around the eyebrows
    3. Do not take a steamy shower or saunas.
    4. Skipping the common practice of rubbing eyebrows

    Once the brows are entirely settled, taking care of the brow lamination is easy. They show up as normal brows, and you can treat them accordingly with only two sets of the necessary advice to maintain.

     Firstly, brow lamination brush over your eyebrows (only when wet) to comb the hairs into place. Secondly, for people who have dry skin or even for all types of skins, castor or any other nourishing oil can help prevent any dryness caused by the treatment.

     With Brow Lamination, it's time to say goodbye to the unruly brows or the tiring routine of applying eyebrow gel every day. Instead, it embraces the fuller, natural, shaped, and shiny brows. Moreover, you can also avail of lash extension services Huntington to complete your eyes' perfect beauty enhancement.

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