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  • Royalty Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue in Huntington Station NY
  • Royalty Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue in Huntington Station NY
  • Royalty Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue in Huntington Station NY


    Royalty Hypoallergenic Eyelash Glue. Medical grade eyelash extension adhesive made for sensitive eyes. Sensitive Eyelash Extension glue, time-sensitive in nature, and become less effective over time. Because of sensitivity, Maximum Sensitive glue does not hold as long as harsher glues. Very Low Fumes! No Burning after application.
    Dry time: 3-5 seconds
    Viscosity: Low-medium
    Flexibility: Low
    Intended for: New lashers, slower artists, Classic technique.
    Retention: Up to 3 weeks.
    Ideal Temperature: 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit
    Ideal Humidity: 40-60% RH (Relative humidity)

    With its properties and the benefits that come along the way, hyper pro lash adhesive stands as an appealing choice for sensitive eyes.

    Read below to know what bonuses this amazing eyelash extension adhesive has to serve you.


    Choosing a lash adhesive is a mind-boggling task and especially when looking one for sensitive eyes as there are a number of things to consider. However the hyper pro Lash adhesive makes this task sufficiently quite easy as it checks all the boxes representing the requirements of the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes.

    1. For those who are keen to try something new but get agitated with it sooner or beauty lovers who need to switch their beauty looks or anyone who needs to get the extensions for a shorter period of time, hyper pro lash adhesive brings the good news. Hyper pro lash glue lasts up to 3 weeks of adequate beauty charm, unlike harsh glue whose bonding retains for 6 long weeks.
    1. It gives the perfect opportunity for people who are extremely sensitive towards eyelash adhesives to experience smooth eyelash extension treatment without any harm or pain caused. It uses highly hypoallergenic ingredients as it specifically designed for sensitive eyes.
    1. Unlike other sensitive adhesives which take 8 seconds to dry, the setting time of this adhesive is quicker. Its low medium viscosity allows it to dry within 3-4 seconds.
    1. This magical eyelash glue shows great bonding ability in addition to providing the desired low fume and odor.


    If you are a beginner lasher or an artist who takes a bit longer to work on his/her client's lash extensions, this adhesive is perfect for you.  Below is your guide on how to use it.

    1. Similar to any lash extension procedure, all the steps are followed.
    2. Firstly, you will attend a thorough consultation with your lash artist in which he would evaluate your lashes and discuss allergic conditions and the desired lash look.
    3. Secondly, he would do lash mapping in which he performs a detailed evaluation of your natural lashes and eye shape which will help him choose the right set of extensions.
    4. After this, he would customize the extensions accordingly; trimming them as required to perfectly fit your eye shape.
    5. Now, the lash technician would begin the extension application after placing the under-eye patches and applying eyelash extension gel.
    6. As consultation done at the initial stage has well acquainted him with your sensitive conditions, he would prefer to use hyper pro lash adhesive as it is the best medical grade glue made for sensitive eyes. Shake the adhesive bottle well before use.
    7. He would dip the end of each extension into the lash adhesive and attach it to the base of your natural lashes.
    8. This lash adhesive is particularly ideal for the classical technique which works on the 1:1 ratio that implies; one extension is applied to one natural eyelash giving a smooth natural look.
    9. The hyper pro lash adhesive would be allowed to dry which takes about 3-5 seconds.
    10. Your stunning lash look is ready without any sensitivity or allergy caused to your eyes with this amazing hyper pro lash adhesive.

    By now, you may have been convinced that this lash adhesive has in it everything that you have been looking for. You also might be considering using it on your own without any expertise in this field of area. If you are doing so, then necessarily read the important disclaimer below.

    IMPORTANT Notice** Please read before you buy our lash adhesives.

    Though this adhesive is less harsh than other strong eyelash extension glues and is comparatively easier to deal with, it doesn’t imply that you can use it on your own.

    It is always recommended for the safety of your eyes and the health of your lashes to visit a professional artist for lash treatment at lash extension services Huntington to escape any threats of imperfection or allergies at the best possible extent as he knows to deal it with extreme care. Therefore your lashes health is our first priority; we also recommend you the same.

    You can also check eyelash extension academy long island to learn all the techniques and skills of using this adhesive and applying for extension with expertise.

    Get the Hyper pro lash adhesive and make your lash treatments cruelty free