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  • Lash Extensions - Hybrid Volume

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  • Eyelashes Extensions - Hybrid Volume in Huntington Station NY by Royalty Lash Bar
  • Hybrid Volume – Hybrid is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions. Mixing these lashes together creates a level of fullness that cannot be achieved by classic or volume lashes alone.

    Unlike classic or volume lashes which either provide length and shape or volume and fuller look respectively, hybrid lash extensions that amazingly last up to 8 weeks gifts client the best of both these diverse spheres due to the extended control and customizability access of technician trained from eyelash extension academy long island with this method.

    Before you are ready to get the mesmerizing texturized lash look with amazing lashes Huntington by signing up the appointment service, read below to discover more about it.

    Why choose hybrid volume lash extensions?

    If you are someone who is seeking length, volume, natural fullness, ideal curl rolled all in one set of lashes, then there is nothing better for you than hybrid lashes.

    Following are the perks that one gets from having hybrid extensions.

    1. The perfect blend eyelash extension natural varied texture and increased volume
    2. The fuller look but without the uncomfortable feeling that one may experience sometimes with the unnatural effect of volume lashes as hybrid lashes are more inclined to eyelash extension natural look than the overly dramatic look.
    3. For someone who has sparse lashes and a gap on the lash line, it is perfect to fill that and add volume to the lashes. Use eyelash extension eyeliner on hybrid extensions to avoid causing damage to natural lashes.
    4. It is more customizable with the increased opportunity of creativity of the lash artist to create the desired depth and volume.


    Celebrity lash service- you are right- that is one of its titles driven by its popular use of Kim Kardashian and many other influencers who love their texturized hybrid lashes from eyelash extension manufacturers.

    How are hybrid lash extensions applied?

    The application of hybrid volume extension uses the same products and tool of eyelash extension application but operates by combining two different techniques; 1 on 1 classic and volume extension technique. Hence, it generates the requirement to visit a professional who has the expertise in both- extend and volume extension- gained from lash extension classes long island.

     Unlike classic extension that works on 1:1 ratio (one extension per eyelash) or 1:3 or 1:5 ratio of volume lash extension, hybrid integrates both advanced fanning technique employed for creating SVS or Russian Volume lashes and proficiency of extended lashes. Fans are created by combining together 2-8 lashes with strong eyelash extension glue that have to be placed on one natural eyelash. Then the individual lash extension is placed strategically to the lash present among the volume fans. The result is bespoke eyelashes look.

    Typically, the hybrid is a 30-60 mix of classic and volume but it varies depending on the client’s desired depth and volume as it gives the artist of lash extension training long island the opportunity of getting creative for the pursuit of the wanted effect. 

    If you find this of your interest and feel passionate about becoming the lash extension pro, you can also sign up for the eyelash extension course long island.

    What is the hybrid volume lash extension price?

    The application of Hybrid volume lash extension which takes about around 2 hours costs $160-$180 on average.

     Considering getting them?  You are almost there.

    Hybrid volume extensions do not damage natural lashes or cause eyelash extension eye infection instead significantly enhances lashes and the eyes. Use an eyelash extension brush for it once you have got the texturized volumized effect framed on your eyes.