Affordable Eyelash Extensions Prices in Long Island, NY

First Full Set of Lashes
ONLY $85.00

Royalty Lash Bar® Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are natural looking, faux mink lashes designed to mimic your natural eyelash.  Royalty Lash Bar®  Eyelash Extensions are the best in quality.  Our lashes are available in over 100 different thicknesses, curvatures, and lengths to give you the look you desire.  Royalty Lash Bar® not only provides some of the best beauty quality faux mink lashes in the area, but we also give affordable prices.  Your first-time experience at Royalty Lash Bar® is only $85.00 for a full set!!  If you desire darker, longer, fuller, and lifted eyelashes come to                        Royalty Lash Bar®

Our eyelash extensions are applied to every single natural eyelash, enhancing your natural appearance resulting in a gorgeous lash set giving you Glam from the GOD's. Our technicians are certified as the fastest and most diligent workers in Long Island, NY.  Only 60 minutes to complete a full lash set!

Your First Royalty Lash Bar® Experience

At Royalty Lash Bar®  in Long Island, NY. we offer introductory lashes to all of our Royalty guests accompanied by a blissful nap in a luxurious environment. "Beauty Quality" eyelash extensions customized to your indivisual uniqueness, no two eyelash extension sets are the same, wake up feeling youthful and refreshed.  Come let us service you...

Royalty Lash Bar® Members

Become a Royalty member at Royalty Lash Bar® Long Island, NY, and you will receive a full set of eyelash extensions for only $85.00 or an eyelash extension refill at our guaranteed low Royalty member rate. Royalty members also inherit discounts on all retail purchases on the day of their next visit.


Eyelash Menu

Silver Set  $100

2 Week Refill - $65 | 4 Week Refill - $85

The Glam Natural, for the client who wants a sexy, noticeable look without mascara. 60-80 individual lashes are applied to each eye, developing a defined sharper, more youthful appearance, uplifting the eyes.

Gold Set  $150

2 Week Refill - $75 | 4 Week Refill - $100

Our volumizing pumps up your look making this the ideal choice for the client that wants a step up from natural without going all out. 80-90 individual lashes per eye are applied throughout the lash line creating a look resembling three coats of mascara.

Platinum Set $200

2 Week Refill - $85 | 4 Week Refill - $125

Our Platinum Set reflects a dramatic, mascaraed look without the use of mascara. For this set, we apply anywhere between 100-120 lashes. This is always determined by the availability of your natural lashes.

3D Eyelash Extension Set - $275

Our volume/3D eyelash extension application technique was developed in Russia and has helped our lash salon become on the cutting-edge of the eyelash extensions industry. By using several very fine, almost weightless, micro-thin lashes per eyelash, our professional lash technicians create a very full, yet light and fluffy, 3D appearance. We can apply eyelash effects from natural looking to super glam with this set.

MEGA Volume Extension Set - $325 

The thinnest volume lash available, these eyelash extensions are suitable for the technique of Mega volume (9D – 16D) the creation of the High-End mega volume fan. Each tray of Royalty eyelash extensions is handmade by real people and not by industrial machines.

Bottom Lash Extensions - $65

Add to your look and make your eyes pop. These extensions are also able to help you balance out your look. Up to 20 extensions are applied per eye to your bottom lashes.

Lash Removal - $45

We will remove the strip, flare, individual, or standard eyelash extensions safely using our Royalty Lash Bar® gel solution remover.

Contact us when you are looking for expert lash extension services for your eyes. We offer a variety of different set options to our guest located throughout the Long Island, New York area. Thank you for making an exclusive decision by choosing Royalty Lash Bar® for your High-End eyelash extension needs.